Are Pedestrian Accidents Increasing? – ORZ 360

The number of idents is declining. Populations in cities are increasing as are the number of cars and more individuals living in small spaces. This video is an explanation by a pedestrian injury lawyer, who will explain some peculiar trends that are evident in the accident report.

From 2007 until 2016, the number of pedestrian deaths within Chicago increased by 27 percentage. Other traffic-related deaths decreased 17 percentage. Pedestrian injury now accounts for 16and in each accident which involves a vehicle.

The rise in pedestrian-related accidents might be linked to an increase in cellphone usage or legalization of marijuana in a few states. The claims are speculation but there is no proof.

A number of states have taken the initiative to start programs that stop pedestrian deaths and accidents. There is hope that pedestrian fatalities can be reduced through education and by the implementation of the latest technologies.

You could be injured in any pedestrian accident, regardless of where you reside. An experienced attorney for pedestrian injuries will be able to assist. The details are available in the video.