Every Step of the Water Well Drilling Process

There are many variables that affect the amount of overburden between us and bedrock. The bedrock could not have any or hundreds of feet!

Drilling down into bedrock can cause unexpected results. Some drillers even drill into caves they did not know existed! One method of water well drilling used nowadays — rotary drilling. The rotary drilling equipment can be connected to hydraulic pumps or even trucks, which are powered with diesel.

The drill spins while the pressure builds up on the tool, it will begin to hit the surface you are drilling. A less frequently used technique of drilling water wells is making use of a cable tool. With this method, drilling tools are pounding repeatedly into the Earth and cracks the rock beneath it.

The moment when the drill crew hit the water is incredible. The team observes an explosion coming from the drill that lets out liquid. It’s a sign that they’ve located what they had been looking for. vhwmwcgsii.