How to Close Your Summer Rental for the Season – Ceve Marketing

It might take an entire weekend to tidy up your property. Many people close down their summer houses towards the end of the season. It’s not a pleasant experience for summer-lovers who miss summer’s heat and all the pleasures that summer brings, but it’s important to remember all the great memories you’ve made and plan how to end your summer rental.

Take a look at the outside and inside of your residence to find the extent of damage. Make a checklist based on your findings, and choose whether it should be repaired in the near future or when you get access to your house in the spring. Things to check include the chimney, roof, trees over your property and foundations, siding and outbuildings.

In the winter months, vacant summer homes might become prime victims for burglars. You should consider putting in a security device if you typically leave valuables at your home. Additionally, take all food items and disinfect it using a disinfectant that kills bacteria. After you have cleaned it, keep the freezer doors open to avoid the development of mold and mildew. 6n6ztvmroj.