Installing a New AC Unit – Home Improvement Videos

AC units are prone to hitting the bucket due to a variety of reasons, but they mainly are the result of age when their moving parts break down over time. This video can help to avoid the same position. In this video, you will get to know about air conditioning installation to help you understand exactly what you can expect to see should you choose to install the task on your own. You will get to watch a new installation from start from beginning to end.

The video will give information about the AC unit is being installed and show how to fix that old model. Pumps are used to remove the coolant from the hoses from the old unit, allowing it to be removed without creating the environment. Once this is completed it is possible to set the unit on its side and reconnect the pipes. The wires are then hooked up and lines set in to be placed. After everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be, the gas lines can be opened up and the generator turned on. wl3ugnmtms.