A Day in the Life of an EMT Student – Discovery Videos

This video shows the day of an EMT who is soon to be. The first thing she does is get up and begins her journey for her class. Her day begins with a talk. Her learning does not end there. Instructors demonstrate the proper use of an appropriate neck brace through demonstration using a student. The trainees then practice CPR on dummies, which resemble human beings. They also learn to use AEDs using identical models.

The best speedy EMT va education will comprise a mix of lectures and hands-on training to provide the vast majority of the learning opportunities. Most of these programs include internship time to help participants get used to being EMTs prior to getting their full certification.

If you’re not certain what you should expect of the EMT course, instructors from the program you’re looking at will be able to provide the details. 19sodzes6j.