Best Cancer Survivor Books – Cycardio

The N may seem to be something that is a struggle. Success stories can offer the advice needed to make your fight seem easier. One book in particular “Beat Breast Cancer as a Boss 30 inspiring stories,” by Ali Rogin is among the best books for cancer survivors as it tells the story of multiple women who have overcome cancer.

The breast cancer is still the second most fatal cancer among American women. More than 42,000 expected to die to occur by the end of the year. There are more than 3 million people living with breast cancer.

Rogin’s story is one of suffering. The illness received very little awareness at that time, and the options were narrow. There was a genetic disorder which increases the chance for breast cancer and cervical cancer. Her best option was to have both her breasts surgically removed.

If you want to know more information about the most popular cancer-survivor novels, as well as the story of Rogin, check out the accompanying video.