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Simple things such as listening to your radio stations, and using navigation and calling more complicated and sometimes impossible. On top of that it is expensive to make antenna repair is equally inconvenient. If it’s not breaking your financial budget it is likely that there are some other items you’d rather spend your cash for. Perhaps it is possible to fix the issue at home with a little help and devices.

The majority of the tools you require are available in your garage. drill, pliers, as well as a bolt wrench. Soldering irons are also essential, however it’s not as often used. Even though you could be able to get one for less, it’s worthwhile to consider the expense of repair. Security gear such as safety glasses and gloves will have to be used.

It is not advisable to fix your antenna on your own if you don’t have the necessary experience working with the power tools. Only attempt it if you can do it with enough experience. Watching the video above will help you understand the essential steps before you decide what’s right for you.