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How Do I Get To Horseshoe Bend

The easiest method to reach your way into Horseshoe Bend is by driving. Find a garage and avail automobile tuning done on your vehicle to enhance its efficiency. The company that you rent an automobile from will depend upon the duration of your journey. Local companies may provide cheaper rates than big international companies. Compare the costs from different firms to discover rentals that are affordable as well as the lowest cost to travel with. If you do not want to take a car, consider hiring an expensive tour company to explore the area.

Horseshoe Bend can be found in the southwest region to the southwest of Page in Arizona close to Highway 89. Horseshoe Bend is often difficult to find at night so visitors should start their journey at dawn. It is important to remember that reception on cell phones can be spotty in some areas, which makes it essential that you have a map and draw everything up on the GPS to reduce the risk of getting lost. The way to reach Page through the southbound portion of Highway 89. Once there, turn west onto Highway 89. The exit is between mileposts 544-545 which is where you’ll find the directions to the parking space. Horseshoe Bend is located between mileposts 544 and 545. Horseshoe Bend is located approximately 0.6 miles from the parking zone.