Here is Why Persian Rugs Are so Expensive – David Bibeault Photography

Persian rug can be extremely costly. But do you know the reasons? It’s a great deal of skill. People don’t know the amount of skill required in creating the Persian rug. One Persian rug may take years to create. They can be made from many different fabrics such as wool and silk. Each Persian rug can be considered to be a masterpiece. It’s hard to believe the amount of effort that went into making each Persian rug. You can also find many different types of Persian Rugs. There is no one singular way to make them. They’re often distinguished by striking designs and uniqueness. One weaver might sit outside on her property and work for many hours just finishing a few feet. It is a custom for crafters to look out into nature and see things that are beautiful to them. It is then woven into the blanket. The more traditional Persian rugs are made with wool of sheep. The wool is spun and it’s dyed. To learn more, watch this video. nsp8m5ku5b.