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There are formulas to make estimates on mulching. There is also a tool to estimate. Mulch is available in yards when you are buying it. Measure the property in order to estimate the amount of the mulch to be laid. The mulch should not be more than two inches in thickness. To determine how much it will cost you, divide your footage by its thickness. Auctioning mulch is straightforward. There’s not much competition, and the prices you pay will be similar to those of nearby bidders. That is why reputation is very important. The amount you will charge for the task is entirely the decision of you. Everybody is different. There are different ways to charge per yard, or even for labor. Some people charge $100 per hour for labor or 50 cents per foot for mulch. Every company has its own method of charging. The formula for him is $75 for each yard that is installed. He then takes his yard and divides it in two to make labor. There’s lots to know about mulching. To learn more, check out this video. ebnpdmetvz.