Pre Tension vs. Post Tension Concrete – Work Flow Management

debate surrounding the topic, reality is that it is possible to be able to have high-quality, durable concrete without cracks. In this video, we will discuss the differences between post-tension and pre tension concrete.

Pre-tension concrete is strengthened by steel wires before the concrete is poured. Tensioning helps reduce cracks while making concrete stronger. It reduces concrete shrinkage during the cure. A small structure is typically constructed using pretension concrete.

Post tension concrete is created when the strands are placed inside a duct, then pulled after the concrete strengthens. The strands will be tightened until they create a solid bond between the concrete and the steel. This is the process that is used for the majority of large concrete structures such as bridges and structures.

Pre-tensioning may be economical and productive. Pre tensioning is a popular alternative in the construction field. It is more expensive than post tension. But it’s also more effective as well as more robust.

There are many advantages to the two types of concrete and both can be equally beneficial. It comes down to what type of structure is required and the cost that contractors have in mind.