Should You Enroll Your Child in a Public or Private School? – Write Brave

In this clip from the Economist in this clip, we’ll teach you how to select the right schools for your children.
Private schools are booming

Private schools aren’t just getting more and more sought-after in America, but all over the globe. Private schools give a different curriculum than public schools , which are run by the state.

A better education

Private schools offer a personalized education to your child, however it’s a high price. In addition, when incomes are higher and birth rates drop and birth rates drop, you’ll see increasing numbers of children enrolling in private schools instead of public schools.

Private schools offer more resources

Private schools are able to provide your child with something different and more technology than the public schools. Though public schools can provide an adequate education, private schools provide more tools for your kid’s future.

Even though private schools are not an option of choice however, public schools can be appropriate for kids. This video will provide additional information on education.