The Different Types of Commercial Security Systems – 4 Star Digital

typically two different types of recordings security systems work on. DVR is the first. Digital Video Recorder is the abbreviation DVR. The technology has been available since 1999. This means DVR is somewhat more advanced than its NVR equivalent. It is considered to be as a security system for commercial use. system when it is attached to an external camera. It will then be stored on a digital hard disk like a CCTV camera. You are able to use the number of drives you like, which will allow the possibility of a lot of feeds but keeping your camera’s external size to a minimum.

NVR is a Network Video Recorder. It only works on IP cameras. This means that there are fewer options available in terms of cameras you can use. Some of them are supplied by an Ethernet cable, however they cannot function via coax cables, as DVRs work. An NVR needs to work in conjunction with the system it is connected to on the same network otherwise it won’t communicate properly.

To protect your business ensure you are monitoring NVR and DVR security equipment.