The Most Common Emergency AC Repairs and How to Fix Them – Reference

Air conditioners are vital to our comfort. For those who want to remain outside of the temperatures, make sure you have an air conditioner in the property you live in or around. Consult a professional when you’re encountering issues with your AC.

If you’re AC isn’t switching on, follow these some steps to fix it.

Then, open the disconnect box and close it.
The initial safety measure is opening your disconnect box and turn it off. To ensure your safety, turn remove the main source of power in your AC.

The AC door is locked.
You should remove all screws. An angled drill can be the best choice for fast work. After you’ve taken them off, clean the HVAC in your home to remove dust. If there is none, continue the task if it is none.

Release or disconnect all the wires from the capacitor tube.
Before you dismantle it Make sure that you are familiar with all wire configurations to ensure that you place them properly.

Find UF ratings and purchase a brand new Capacitor Tube.
Find the UF Rating, and then purchase new capacitor. Make sure that all the wires are connected to the tube of the capacitor.

Make sure everything is restored to its original place.
You can have your AC running again.

To get more help, you can contact an AC repair professional in an urgent situation.