Top 3 Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant – Healthy Huntington

The following video highlights the three most important things to think about when you are planning to become pregnant. If you’re in the process of seeking pregnancy help, there are tips and things you can take to boost your odds of getting pregnant. While many couples believe they’re ready to bear the baby, they might not understand the duration it takes to become pregnant. It’s essential to track your period to establish your fertility timeframe. Track the menstrual cycle so you know when you ovulate.

Discuss with your doctor your medical or prescription medications that might affect fertility. It’s also possible to review your medical history in relation to any genetic problems in your family. If you’re experiencing irregular cycles or have trouble tracking them, it’s time to find help for pregnancy in order to know the issues affecting your fertility. Also to taking a vitamin prenatal supplement that contains folic acid before becoming pregnant may help prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Prenatal vitamin supplement with folate helps ensure your body receives the nutrition it requires during pregnancy. Doctors are in a position to assist you in determining which medical conditions could affect your capacity or ability to have a full-term pregnancy.