What to Expect From a Modern Commercial Log Splitter – SCHUMM


Anyone with a wood-fired furnace should have ample firewood to prepare for winter.

A few companies provide cut firewood in pre-cut pieces that are the right size for the standard wood furnace. However, this is rarely the cheapest option to acquire a substantial quantity of firewood. Some people like to build their own firewood. Traditional methods for doing the task is tiring and time-consuming. So rather, they take advice from the commercial companies for processing firewood and make use of tools such as a log splitter used in commercial operations.

In the video on this site, one of these log splitter is shown working. The device is slow, but using a lot of force. This is a safety feature. In a matter of minutes, the log splitter is able to turn large volumes of logs into wood. Operators must place them in the appropriate spot at the right place on the machine. The machine will do the rest of the work for him and then builds a pile of firewood in a short amount of time.