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At this point in the process, the court isn’t going to figure out whether you are, in fact, guilty or not guilty. Instead, the courtroom just wishes to know whether you intend to challenge the fees or plead accountable. As this occurs relatively immediately after the arrest, you will probably plead not guilty.
This will give you the time to meet up with your own lawyer and prepare your plan. You will also have the chance to see evidence contrary to you, also as mentioned previously. Furthermore, your lawyer could have the time to work out a deal with the prosecution to determine if a plea bargain would be potential and even receive the prosecution to lose the fees.
The bond hearing is usually combined with arraignment and is made up of the judge determining whether bond is going to be granted and, if this is the case, just how much bond will likely undoubtedly be. Bail is designed to supply you with a reason to look in your trial. The theory is the fact that whether it’s necessary to surrender the property into the court, then you can make all your court appearances to acquire your premises back.
Several of the considerations in the bond hearing will probably be
Severity of those fees: Felony fees will usually justify increased bond and misdemeanor rates.
Danger into the community: If you pose a threat to the community, your bond will probably undoubtedly be higher or might be allowed. By way of instance, someone charged with murder may possibly be held without bond whilst someone charged with shoplifting is going to be eligible for a lower bond.
Flight risk: In case you have a great offer of funds, like a private jet, you might be thought of a flight risk. Conversely, for those who don’t have any ties into the community, for example as for example being homeless, you will also be thought of as a flight risk. If you are a flight risk, your bond will probably undoubtedly be higher.
The judge might likewise impose limitations on your bond and release. For example, the judge might dictate that your bond have been compensated cash in the Event the judge you.