You Wont Believe What Food Was Sold at McDonalds – Food Talk Online

pular restaurant all over the globe. There isn’t an outstanding food catering company. But, they do excellent fast food. However, they’ve had several menu item flops during the course of their history. In this video, you will learn about some of the odd things that were previously sold at McDonald’s.

Before McDonald’s offered its salads of the highest quality, it attempted to sell McSalad Shakers. These were a bowl of salad, which came in glass containers and were served with cheese or shredded meat. To mix the dressings the customers shaked them. Like you could imagine, this unusual take to salads flopped badly.

McDonald’s hamburgers have long been an integral part of McDonald’s. Famous hamburgers like McDonald’s Big Mac are a perfect model. They’re not the best choice for health. McDonald’s invented the McLean hamburger. McLean advertised the pat was fat-free and 91% free of fat. McLean said that it was produced without any fats and was made using Carrageenan and water as a adhesive to hold the beef in place to the water. The lower fat version didn’t appeal to the taste buds of customers. It was therefore quickly discontinued.