Tips for Repairing a Tire – Car Talk Podcast

air service. Eric the guy from the automotive world shows how to fix tires using plug patch on his YouTube channel “How to Repair Properly the Tire”. The plug needs to be put within the middle of the tire when plugging it. Repairing the patch involves removing the tire from the wheel before getting started on the repair process. Eric advises marking the spot of the valve on the tire in order to ensure it’s repaired.

This video shows you how to take out the object in the tire. Next, apply the rubber cement to repair it. When you are ready to plug the hole make sure the hole is angled or straight. Eric says that the inside of the tire must be smooth around the place where it appears that the hole will facilitate plugging. The region where the plug will be installed should be smoothed and vacuumed. Uncover the cover with care, put the plug into the hole before pulling the outer part of it away. Make use of a razor to cut any excess. This procedure should only be used for tire repairs. 5nr4ocw5hq.