4 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Drains – Find a Residential Plumber

tuck and cause a blockage inside your drain. It isn’t necessary to contact a plumber in order to fix this issue. The following video offers suggestions you can use to get rid of blockages in drains.

First, put hot water in the sink. It will help loosen the grease and dissolve it in the drain. Perform this procedure twice, ensuring that all grease and any other debris is washed completely.

The vinegar and baking soda solutions should be used next. Tip a cup of baking soda in the drain hole then put a cup vinegar into the drain hole. This will let out carbon dioxide, which helps lift dirt and grime. Add a cup of vinegar into the hole, after which pour hot water over it to rinse and clear the drain.

Insert a drain snake into the hole in order to release objects that are stuck. You can then remove the drain pipe to see what’s causing the obstruction. Switch off the water supply and then place a bucket beneath in order to capture any water. Then, disconnect the pipes and examine them. These DIY methods are a great way for cleaning drains with clogged pipes. If you are still having problems call a plumber.