A Step by Step Guide to Using Scotch Laminating Pouches – J Search


Scotch self-seal laminated pouches can be used in array of ways. There’s no online instruction as well as she’s planning to produce her own video.

It is necessary to have a ruler. It isn’t necessary to have a ruler. However, the narrator prefers a piece of flat cardboard. Open the pouch and smooth the edges in which the yellow strip placed. Be sure to not place any fingerprints on the pouch. The result could be a poor quality image.

Take the print that you want to laminate, and lay it down on the cover of plastic, with it facing toward the downwards. On the yellow strip, there is a mark at the top, and another below. This is where you’ll center your image. When you’re done, take out the yellow stripe, and keep press down to this spot.

Then, take any paper from the pouch’s back. The adhesive is affixed to the back of the pouch. Use a ruler or piece of cardboard to do this in order to stop air bubbles from getting in. This guide can help you make use of a Scotch self-seal pouch for laminating.