Tips for Dealing With Insurance After A DUI – Auto Insurance Site

In addition to making it hard finding insurance rates for DUI drivers, certain employers might terminate their employees’ jobs.

A DUI conviction can result in severe sanctions. These penalties can have an impact that lasts for the rest of your daily life, and can make you miserable. So, it’s imperative that you avoid doing anything that is going to make things worse.

Find a reputable attorney who is knowledgeable about DUI law. An experienced legal advisor can be the key to getting you the resolution to the situation you’re looking for.

These are the things you should keep in mind if you’re arrested for an alleged DUI:

Don’t talk about too much. Be aware of your Miranda Rights: “Everything that you do or say during a trial will be considered.” This means that you should keep things as brief as can until you have legal advice.

Never refuse to take the breathalyzer.

When you are arraigned don’t plead guilty. When and if you plead guilty it automatically results in the judge sentencing you. The plea of not guilty will be the cause of your trial date being set.

The trials mentioned above should not attempt them on your own. You should seek the advice of a knowledgeable and skilled DUI attorney.

Although you didn’t think this could happen to you, and it has, it doesn’t have to be devastating to you. Although things will be tough such as getting insurance quotes for DUI drivers, things will eventually be better. Follow the advice given by your attorney. Most vitally, never drink and drive in the near future. mjbwe3brg1.